WWE Super Showdown recap - Feb 2020

Silas and The Baron give a quick overview of what went down, other than everyone's heads, at WWE's latest Saudi PPV, "Super Showdown"

Where to begin with this PPV - first off, no comment on even whether such events should be taking place in Saudi, although to give some ground here at least there was a women's match (kind of).

The Viking Raiders were consigned even further to history. Back to the frozen north for them, maybe?

The Undertaker came back to underwhelm massively, winning with one move. YAWN

Local man Mansoor won - what a shocker!

Reigns beats Corbin... ready for a Reigns push AGAIN at WrestleMania.

Goldberg defeats The Fiend in under 3 minutes, ready for a Reigns push at WrestleMania. AGAIN.