Wrestling roundup, w/c 22nd March 2021

Silas P. Grimsdyke and The Baron of Slammington review all the major wrestling news from the week

Here we go for another week's summary:


Well, Dynamite didn't quite scale the same heady heights as last week, with some fairly steady action. QT Marshall's section was weak, IMHO, and the retaining of the title for Darby Allin predictable.

High spots? Moxley & Kingston look a good pairing, Team Taz tensions rose to the top, Hikaru Shida will hopefully be back in action soon, and The Bunny will also hopefully be getting some ring time.

Lots of promise, low of delivery this week, sadly.


Nothing spectacular. Callis and Omega was weak, but Rich Swann held the attention.

Really, beyond a fairly solid Purrazzo bout, nothing to write home about for me.



Rumours that The Fiend is not the Fiend?!

Again, WWE seems to not really know what to do during lockdown/Covid, and are rehashing match after match after match, with either no real payoff in kind, or a payoff so far down the road that no-one cares.

They appear to have been building to a Lashley Mania win for about 6 months now - there is slow burn, and then there is slooooow burn, and sadly this looks like the latter, unlike, say The Fiend, which was built to slowly but with a good pay off.