Wrestling roundup w/c 1st February 2021

Silas and The Baron take a look back at the week in Impact, WWE and AEW wrestling


Can anyone stop Havok? Right now she looks irresistible for a title shot, even Grace would struggle against such power, IMHO

Again, I felt the women's matches showed more here (honourable mention for Tommy Dreamer for some good moves, though), especially Jordynne Grace who was great, as usual.

Overall, again, a good show.



Let's just say that all the life was sucked out of WWE by Royal Rumble. That's being kind.


Hot here was the victory for Gallows/Anderson/Omega over the (slightly makeshift) trio of Moxley/Fenix/Pac

Pac showed (again), as was commented up, just how underrated he really is, while Fenix put up some amazing moves. If anything, Gallows & Anderson were the weaker elements in this amazing match.

The Sabian/Ford wedding was as expected, but having Father James Mitchell conduct the ceremony was a real bonus. One question, though - WHY DIDN'T CHUCK TAYLOR JUST MOVE FURTHER AWAY?!

The cracks in the Inner Circle again grew wider - I reckon Santana & Ortiz will be the ones to split first, but Wardlow will also turn on MJF - BIG TIME!

The victory for Britt Baker was well earned, after a very good match with Thunder Rosa - the upcoming women's challenge should be great.

Jade looked amazing - truly amazing - and if she can add some Mickie James type ring skills... the sky is the limit for this woman.

Matt Hardy alienated Hangman, so we (I think) are seeing a gradual heel turn here.

Again, a good show from AEW, 7/10 from me, maybe up to an 8 for the Baker/Rosa match.

PS please give Lance Archer more airtime. He is good!