Seriously? Same ideas, same performances. Only vaguely interesting bit is Fiend & Bliss, and I doubt WWE has any idea where it's taking that.

Lars Sullivan is rehabilitated, by the looks. Maybe we'll see Enzo Amore back soon?

Oh, and a Battle Royal (Royale?) on a regular Monday Night Raw? Man, things must be thin.

Finally, what is the point of the Brand Split and Draft (or "Superstar shakeup") if anyone can appear on any brand? Wildcard? HA! Rubbish.


Yes, I like Impact. No, the production values are not always the highest. No, the storylines are not rivetting. No, the action isn't always exciting.

But what it is is what it is.

The match between Kylie Ray and Kimber Lee was, for example, just good, solid entertainment.

Moose and EC3 finally trailed something, and Eric Young was built further as the World-Class Maniac.

You HAVE to love it.


Hardy vs Guevara - yes, please.

More Cody as champ - no, thankyou. The ending to the match against Orange Cassidy was class, but then it just makes you wonder what the point of booking against Darby Allin is? Puts Orange out of the picture?

FTR continue down the heel road, and we get The Doctor back soon.

Again, great build - especially for Jericho and MJF.

And to cap it all, what a performance from Archer and Moxley!

A great way to celebrate a year of existence, and thank-you AEW for sticking with it during the pandemic, when it would have been so easy to fold. Not only that, but they've put out YouTube and Dark content to introduce more wrestlers, too.

Round of applause