Wrestling round-up, w/c 29th March 2021

The Baron and Silas review the week in wresting, and cover Impact/TNA, WWE and AEW.


Wrestlemania build all around, from Daniel Bryan beating on Reigns, to Rollins and Cesaro facing off.

Predictions elsewhere!


Nope. Weakest show for ages, IMHO.

Very, very average. And eminently forgettable.



Christian didn't sign to lose, did he? But credit where it's due, he and Kazarian put on a good match. Good to see The Bunny back in action, too - it's been too long. Moxley here was good, and Page and Sky promise so much...

Pick of the week for me was the reappearance of Kris Stadtlander in the Arcade Anarchy match - the rest of the show was a bit meh for me - particularly the QT Marshall/Cody match, which was so overblown and overlong as to be painful.

Oh, Hikaru Shida was awesome, too, but other than that, there was really nothing that I can remember as standing out.