Eyes down look in



Randy Orton is now the "Legend Killer"? Whatever happened to the "King Slayer"? Sounds too familiar to me, and can't see the point at all. I mean... RIC FLAIR?!?!

Asuka was always going to win straight after a PPV triumph, and Keith Lee is plainly the soup du jour so will beat any mid-carder he is put up against.

Kevin Owens made a rare appearance, The Hurt Business got buried...  And Smackdown was not better :-/


A strong showing from the women this week, with Taya Valkyrie and Jordynne Grace both looking strong.

Also good to see The North back to winning ways.

Plenty of padding around Eric Young, they have obviously put a lot of eggs into that basket and are hoping they can maintain him strong for the PPVs. Good story building.

As ever, a solid showing from Impact - 7/10 for this week from me


Wow on the Darby Allin front, FTR very definitely playing the heels, Jericho pushed close... a lot of action this week

Overall, a decent show - the reference to Meltzer throwing out stars was cute, too, adding an edge to the way AEW are pitching themselves as a little bit more hardcore.

Interesting to see where they are going to take Miro, too - stories abound this week that WWE were going to bury him, so if he gets a megapush that will plainly put some wind in his sails!