So, here we go again in the pandemic world:


Eric Young called it right when he called out Vincent K McMahon. If you can't find something for him to do when you OWN A TV NETWORK then you really have failed.

Bray Wyatt is now reduced to some lame 80's slasher-style misogyny stalking of Alexa Bliss, and the collective brainfade of WWE came up with the idea of a Randy Orton push.



How good is Eddie Edwards? Very good, in short. Continuing a strong showing, it's a shame that Impact just aren't quite getting the depth in their roster (and let's be frank, can't entirely blame SARS-CoV-2) that would really bolster.

Having said that, the women's division continues to be strong, and the storyline work is much improved (probably because of SARS-CoV-2!), with some excellent, gritty, backstage stuff being played out alongside the more contrived - but I bet WWE wish they had thought of it - WrestleHouse.

EC3 returns, and to be honest I found his segment a bit rambling. Not Undertaker-RAW-25 rambling (WHAT IS?!), but a bit... rambling.

Good to see Gallows and Anderson in action, even if the image isn't quite there yet ("The Good Brothers"?), and I've even overlook the particularly weak Callihan segment off the back of that.


FTR confirm they have signed for AEW, including the promise of a tag-team special in mid-August.

Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle continue to be the focus, but Matt Hardy appears to be after Sammy Guevara, and surely it is only a matter of time before the momentum moves away from the heel Jericho to a face?

Allin & Moxley make an unlikely - but likeable - pairing, while Hikaru continues to show strongly.

Another good show this week. No complaints from me.