Wrestling round-up, w/c 22nd Feb 2021

Wrestling round-up, w/c 22nd Feb 2021. Silas and The Baron talk it through, and continue to shake their heads (and fists) at WWE


Separate update post on the Elimination Chamber from 21/02, the weird thing being that "Elimination Chamber" appears waaaay down the WWE homepage as of writing this (28/02)? Bizarre

The Lashley push continues, sidelining Miz (in effect), and yet again burying Strowman. Man, he must really love the being built up only to be buried, because that is what WWE have been doing to him for 5 years now... Symphony of Destruction? They're playing Braun's song!

Beyond that, we continue to have the unedifying sight of Nia Jax winning, albeit without nearly crippling someone for once.

Smackdown didn't fare much better, although Apollo Crews at least got an outing, although at the expense of Nakamura, whose spiral downward continues. What a waste WWE have made of that man's talent!

"The unlikely duo of King Corbin and Sami Zayn", as the WWE themselves put it.

And that sums up WWE.


Three words.




Great show, the AEW crossover continue to play out nicely, and the action is solid.

Vastly underrated, IMHO.


I actually found this a little underwhelming this week, Dynamite was a bit of a damp squib, I feel.

Highlights? Shaq and Jade, Hangman, Isaiah Kassidy...

Moxley was great, but he always is.

Just didn't feel like as much content this week, not sure why not, maybe holding something back for the imminent arrival of The Big Show?