Wrestling round-up, w/c 20th September 2021

The Baron and Silas review the week's action on Impact, WWE and AEW, and give their views.


Christopher Daniels returned (presumably marking the end of his AEW time, at least for now, as part of SCU)... and we got a lot of story development for the Bound For Glory PPV next month.

Mickie James appeared (after having been dropped - unfairly, IMHO, by WWE), and that promises more development in the women's division here, because Mickie is great at getting people over (I suspect her title run days are numbered, TBH).

Action was a bit limited, overall, but a solid show.


More cuts than a hairdresser at Christmas... does anyone care about WWE? They have NO strong storylines or characters, IMHO.

Reigns, Lesnar, New Day, USOs... At least Balor has returned as The Demon, but given what WWE did with The Fiend, how long will it last?

One more thing... "HAPPY CORBIN"?! :-/


What an opener, Danielson and Omega! The ending was a little predictable (too early to be definitive, let's wait for a PPV and have a beatdown in the meantime...), but what a great match.

Good to see Sting get some proper ring time, too, but a lot of this show felt a like a waiting room for Rampage, TBH.

Let's see how it pans out further...

Rampage arrived with CM Punk coming back with a VENGEANCE against Powerhouse Hobbs - good matchup, good match.

As expected the Elite won out, but they really have to start getting more imaginative rather than the pile-on at the end of each match that one of their number loses (or even wins), because it's becoming rather formulaic, I feel.

Nice to get America's Top Team involved - adds another storytelling dimension, and good to get Sky and Page FINALLY actually wrestling rather than just talking about it!

And as a finale (leaving other action aside, which you can read about elsewhere)... Moxley did what Moxley does. Excellent.