Wrestling round-up, w/c 18th January 2021

The Baron and Silas look at wrestling events in the week commencing 18th January 2021


So, RAW sees the return of Charlotte, going over Peyton Royce. No surprise.

We started to see a fiendish side to Bliss (this has been a slow build, maybe they have been protecting Bliss as she has had multiple injuries previously?), and it can only be a matter of time before we see a belt on her.

SDL: Asuka and Charlotte? What are Creative doing?!

KO the only highlight TBH.


Hottest story? "Big Money Matt Hardy" and Private Party winning, making a strong crossover from AEW. Yep, Sabin & Storm lost, putting a cat amongst the pigeons for the Good Brothers defending their titles... and what about when The North return?!

We had a a great show from Grace & Jazz, but going down to Susan & Kimber Lee, but a good match all the same. (I am going to big up Leila Hirsch on AEW, though, as she was really impressive).

The "Who shot Bravo?" story fizzled a bit in the end, but maybe we are going to see something from Rosemary and Crazzy Steve?


Oh my, more action!

OK, showing of the night for me was Legit Leila Hirsch, who put in a fine performance against Penelope Ford, who seemed a bit stilted to me.

The Hangman turning down the Dark Order makes sense, on both sides, and perhaps now they can consolidate DO and have them in more matches rather than endlessly recruiting? More Cabana would be great, he is GOOD.

We saw some tension with The Bucks of Youth and "The Invisible Hand" Callis, which should bode well for a big payoff, maybe with Hardy, Private Party AND The Good Brothers all thrown in? And what about FTR, and Santana & Ortis? You can't have a battle to decide the best tag team without all those people involved?

Hardy & PP, BTW, performed nicely against Top Flight and Sydal. There were some BIG spots in here, a fantastic match.

Not sure how the the new Matt persona goes over, it seems a bit limited to me, but what do I know?

The Inner Circle continued their spiral, as the dirty tricks of MJF to win - even if it does put Jericho on the winning side - can only alienate the others. He's already lost Sammy, how long before the others follow?