Wrestling round-up, w/c 15th February 2021

Silas and The Baron review the latest action in Impact, WWE and AEW promotions... for the w/c 15th February 2021

A double-header, notionally, this time around, after a week off, but everything will just be wrapped into one update here.




Crossover with NJPW? WOW, it looks like AEW and Impact have a lot going on, is this a move to get bigger than WWE by joining forces rather than just pretending no-one else exists?

Josh Alexander fell to TJP - no real surprise in a singles match, JA works so much better in The North, IMHO.

Beyond that... not a lot. Middling show, overall, other than nice to see Tommy Dreamer in action to show Moose strong.


Actually pretty unspectacular stuff from AEW. Lots of tag matches, and lots of promise - Shaq and Jade, yes, please! - with nothing standing out. Still, miles better than WWE has managed for YEARS.

For me, the biggest point of interest in the US/Japan women's championship stuff. Great to see Riho back in action, too, AND going over Deeb!

The Matt Hardy/Hangman Page story is good, and a nice twist. Maybe we can get away from Page the drinker now?

The Good Brothers/Callis/Omega storyline is wearing thin now - we NEED a payoff, ideally Moxley regaining the title, maybe with an unusual interference from Eddie Kingston or something?

Oh, and Guevara finally waved goodbye to the Inner Circle... will Santana & Ortiz follow suit now, they were certainly on the brink before.