Wrestling news round-up, w/c 12th April 2021 with WWE superstars "released"

Silas and The Baron round up some wrestling news, including a slew of talent let go by WWE.


Josh Alexander is too good not to be used, even if no longer as part of The North (where he was also great, BTW). Good to see an early victory there over TJP (who is also no slouch).

Omega and Swann got in each other's faces - I am hoping that Swann can win that one, to be frank it would be far more interesting a a story than Kenny just being unstoppable (Braun Strowman, anyone?!).

Finally, farewell to Jazz with a victory - what a legacy she leaves! A true great.


Hmmm... not too exciting, apart from (!) good to see Statlander back in action - it's been too long, and a really good, brutal, match between Allin and Hardy.

A very good match from Fenix & Pac against The Bucks of Youth, although, sadly, it really didn't matter what Death Triangle did, The Story dictated that the Bucks would go over - although the way they did was (IMHO) weak.

Anthony Ogogo made a short debut - just something to get him known, I guess - and he looks the part - let's hope he has some moves to go with the swagger.

Next up, the PPV event!


Big news: the "releases" (how do you "release" and "independent contractor"?).

GONE: Samoa Joe

Perhaps after a number of injuries, and lack of imagination to give him a storyline, WWE finally thought it was time to part?

GONE: Billie Kay AND Peyton Royce

Lots of social media talk about why, and bafflement; and it is really ridiculous that such good performers and talkers should be canned. AEW beckons, perhaps?

GONE: Kalisto

Perhaps WWE felt that Lucha isn't their thing?

GONE: Mickie James

I guess she has done her job of getting plenty of other wrestlers over, but perhaps there are opportunities elsewhere for her?

GONE: Bo Dallas

So The Fiend won't be showing up in two places at once, will he?

GONE: Andrade

Asked to be released, by all accounts.

GONE: Mojo Rawley

They'd tried a reinvention for him after the Andre the Giant trophy win (remember that?), but unlike Corbin for some reason it just never gave him longevity (*shrugs*).