WrestleMania predictions, 2022

Silas and The Baron give their predictions for "The Showcase of the Immortals", or WrestleMania, as you may know it better.

Silas and The Baron call it like this:

Charlotte vs Ronda Rousey

Silas: Ronda. She hasn't returned to lose, especially not at 'Mania.

The Baron: If this isn't Ronda's night, then I don't know what it.

Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair

Silas: Tougher to call. Given the build, has to be Belair? Maybe Rousey to interfere to help set up 'Mania 23

The Baron: Belair, I think the vibe is for Becky to have some family time, and this would be a payoff nicely for the long build of Belair as a force to be reckoned with

Steve Austin vs Kevin Owens

Silas: Owens. Not sure this will even be a match, TBH

The Baron: Owens. No mileage in Austin winning.

Rollins vs ??????

Silas: Cody Rhodes is surely the mystery opponent. Again, a chance for Rollins to have family time with Becky when he loses?

The Baron: If it's Rhodes, he's going to win, however improbably, to give Rollins a break.

Usos vs Nakamura & Boogs

Silas: Don't care. Let's say Nakamura, because I like his music. And if that isn't a weak reason to be interested, I don't know what is.

The Baron: Wake me up when it's over. Nakamura, he deserves something after basically jobbing for WWE for the last few years.

Paul/Miz vs Mysterios

Silas: Paul/Miz to give a reason for a Mysterio break-up.

The Baron: Agree, ideal chance for Rey Mysterio to start looking at retirement/passing the torch.

McIntyre vs Corbin

Silas: Drew. If not... doesn't bear thinking about.

The Baron: Is this really a WM-calibre match? Let's say Corbin, just to be awkward.

Reigns vs Lesnar

Silas: Lesnar, if he plans on staying for an extended period. Heyman double-cross, maybe, to move back to Lesnar, or a DQ to protect both and prolong the storyline. Yep, DQ Reigns finish so he keeps the belt but Lesnar "wins"

The Baron: Hmm... tough one, I think Reigns will retain, but Heyman will attempt a double-cross (agree on that) and then promise to help Lesnar regain the belt at the next PPV

Tag Team 3-way

Silas: RK Bro, but don't care

The Baron: Don't care, but RK Bro seems the obvious choice here

Women's Fatal 4-way

Silas: Ripley and Morgan... Morgan's first title here

The Baron: Yep, they have been building Morgan, so have to agree with that

Edge vs Styles

Silas: Styles, to give Edge a rest

The Baron: Yep, Styles to keep him interested, and to lay off Edge, who they have been using quite consistently since his return

Knoxville vs Zayn

Silas:  Knoxville, with interference from Jackass

The Baron: I'm going to say Zayn, otherwise if I was him I'd be seriously questioning why I was with WWE, other than reading the cheque and loving it. Embarrassing

Lashley vs Omos

Silas: Lashley, Omos isn't ready for a win like this yet

The Baron: I'm going to say Omos, to really build some momentum and offer a bigger payoff for Lashley in the future

McAfee vs Theory

Silas: Theory, interference from Vincent in some way shape or form

The Baron: Austin Theory has heat, I think he's fairly solid choice here