Wrestlemania 2022 final results compared to predictions

Silas and The Baron review their predictions for the Showcase of the Immortals - some surprises in there!

Here is the review of how The Baron and Silas called it, and how things worked out:

Silas and The Baron call it like this:

Charlotte vs Ronda Rousey

Silas: Ronda. She hasn't returned to lose, especially not at 'Mania.

The Baron: If this isn't Ronda's night, then I don't know what is.

Result: Charlotte wins 0-0


Becky Lynch vs Bianca Belair

Silas: Tougher to call. Given the build, has to be Belair? Maybe Rousey to interfere to help set up 'Mania 23

The Baron: Belair, I think the vibe is for Becky to have some family time, and this would be a payoff nicely for the long build of Belair as a force to be reckoned with

Result: Belair wins 1-1


Steve Austin vs Kevin Owens

Silas: Owens. Not sure this will even be a match, TBH

The Baron: Owens. No mileage in Austin winning.

Result: Austin wins 1-1


Rollins vs ??????

Silas: Cody Rhodes is surely the mystery opponent. Again, a chance for Rollins to have family time with Becky when he loses?

The Baron: If it's Rhodes, he's going to win, however improbably, to give Rollins a break.

Result: Cody wins 2-2


Usos vs Nakamura & Boogs

Silas: Don't care. Let's say Nakamura, because I like his music. And if that isn't a weak reason to be interested, I don't know what is.

The Baron: Wake me up when it's over. Nakamura, he deserves something after basically jobbing for WWE for the last few years.

Result: USOs win 2-2


Paul/Miz vs Mysterios

Silas: Paul/Miz to give a reason for a Mysterio break-up.

The Baron: Agree, ideal chance for Rey Mysterio to start looking at retirement/passing the torch.

Result: Miz & Paul win 3-3


McIntyre vs Corbin

Silas: Drew. If not... doesn't bear thinking about.

The Baron: Is this really a WM-calibre match? Let's say Corbin, just to be awkward.

Result: McIntyre wins 4-3


Reigns vs Lesnar

Silas: Lesnar, if he plans on staying for an extended period. Heyman double-cross, maybe, to move back to Lesnar, or a DQ to protect both and prolong the storyline. Yep, DQ Reigns finish so he keeps the belt but Lesnar "wins"

The Baron: Hmm... tough one, I think Reigns will retain, but Heyman will attempt a double-cross (agree on that) and then promise to help Lesnar regain the belt at the next PPV

Result: Reigns wins 4-4


Tag Team 3-way

Silas: RK Bro, but don't care

The Baron: Don't care, but RK Bro seems the obvious choice here

Result: RK Bro win 5-4


Women's Fatal 4-way

Silas: Ripley and Morgan... Morgan's first title here

The Baron: Yep, they have been building Morgan, so have to agree with that

Result: Banks & Naomi win 5-4


Edge vs Styles

Silas: Styles, to give Edge a rest

The Baron: Yep, Styles to keep him interested, and to lay off Edge, who they have been using quite consistently since his return

Result: Edge wins 5-4


Knoxville vs Zayn

Silas:  Knoxville, with interference from Jackass

The Baron: I'm going to say Zayn, otherwise if I was him I'd be seriously questioning why I was with WWE, other than reading the cheque and loving it. Embarrassing

Result: Knoxville wins 6-4


Lashley vs Omos

Silas: Lashley, Omos isn't ready for a win like this yet

The Baron: I'm going to say Omos, to really build some momentum and offer a bigger payoff for Lashley in the future

Result: Lashley wins 7-4


McAfee vs Theory

Silas: Theory, interference from Vincent in some way shape or form

The Baron: Austin Theory has heat, I think he's fairly solid choice here

Result: McAfee 7-4