Another week in lockdown, so as expected nothing particularly startling, generally speaking, although as the US in particular may be relaxing some controls (social unrest notwithstanding), we may see more action to come


GREAT women's match to kick things off - Kylie Ray and Susie are a great (if perhaps ramshackle?) tag team, perhaps along the Cesaro/Seamus line?

Beyond that opener, though, this was perhaps a little flat - the backstages pieces didn't feel as gritty as they have recently, and although it was a good build to Shamrock coming out and so on, there (for me) wasn't a lot there.

Like a cheap birthday cake, the icing that you bit into was sweet, but the cake itself was a bit disappointing, I'd say.

Slammiversary could be sweet, though... how many WWE stars are returning? Just one, or several? EC3, Gallows, Anderson, Eric Young, Rockstar Spud, Mike & Maria...?


Banks & Bayley take the tag team belts, and Drake Maverick gets a new contract in NXT.

And that's about it.


FTR/The Revival further revived their career(s) after what must have been - at least in some ways - a deeply unsatisfying time in WWE, where their true tag potential just got swamped in silly Kevin Owens storylines and makeshift partnerships as Creative proved that however well the can write a storyline, WWE can always make a complete hash of it.

Sadly Cody retained the (plasticky) TNT belt, but dropping to Jungle Boy probably wouldn't have been the best move.

Colt Cabana put on a fine (makeshift?) show against Jericho - and here is where WWE really could learn from AEW: despite the fact that this match looked to be booked partly out of desperation, they STILL managed to develop a story arc of The Dark Order seeking to recruit Cabana into their ranks. Now that is keeping options open - he can accept and join them, or he can start a feud with Brodie Lee and have a storyline there

Matt Hardy hooked up with Private Party, not sure about "Private Hardy", maybe "Party Hardy" would have worked better? Oh, but the references to Jeff... is he moving over soon, then?

Other than that, personally I was impressed big Big Swole - real potential there, and let's hope she gets a title shot soon.