Another strong week of good matches - it's not quite "TOTAL NON-STOP ACTION", but thankfully the backstage stuff actually adds to the story, and doesn't act to block out the fact that there is so little decent in-ring activity.

The low budget actually seems to help to give these sections a kind of grit and realism that adds an air of edginess, rather than the glossiness of the other (bigger?) promotions.

One lowlight - Sabu. The guy's a pro, and an old stager, but his appearance was just so left field as to be baffling, IMHO.


Two things:

1) They need to actually do something with Britt Baker, because she's rapidly becoming more of a sideline than a main attraction by not appearing in the ring (and where is Stadtlander, anyway?)

2) The Inner Circle story really needs some kind of pay-off. Maybe not a final closer, but some kind of story punch as at the moment it's not really building anywhere or for any purpose


Right, the starting point for RAW is that whenever the WWE website features words like "addresses" or "confronts", this is code for: nothing really happened in the ring.

The KO/Rollins story is bizarre - why is KO now feuding with Seth?

Two weeks ago KO was "confronting" Randy Orton?!

What the hell is going on? Does anyone care? Even in WWE Creative?

SDL didn't fare much better.

THREE matches. Yes. THREE.

More padding than an asylum cell, and thinner than my hair.

Jeff Hardy going through the motions before he (surely?) moves on - leaving the positioning of KIng Corbin even more confusing than it was before, Cesaro taking the money and running to lose to Daniel Bryan, and the women's match a wrestle-by-numbers affair that was simply embarrassing.

OK, we have to make some allowances for the SARS-CoV-2 situation, but even so, it's really bizarre that they even bothered holding such a show? Unless Vince REALLY wanted to bury Corbin :-D