The only game in town, w/c 7th March 2022

AEW shows (again) that it is the dominant force in wrestling. At least in the opinion of The Baron, this week :-)

There is only one game in town, and let's be realistic here, it's AEW

Let me list some on the reasons why:

1) BB DMD - great on the mic, and the rematch with Thunder Rosa has to be a bona fide classic (PLEASE DON'T LET ME DOWN)

2) Wheeler Yuta just gets better and better

3) Jericho and Kingston, and the turn to 2.0... what a twist!

4) William Regal with Moxley and Danielson?!

5) Wardlow finally being given some airtime (the turn on MJF, excellent pay-off from a very long-running story)

6) The break-up of the AHFO - shows that AEW are not afraid to develop stories quickly

7) FTR firing Tully Blanchard (see #6)


The bottom line is: over the last week or so, across multiple AEW shows, we have seen storylines pay off, and where the storyline hasn't been going anywhere, they have moved on - pronto.

The only word of caution is that perhaps the roster is getting too big... but, at least the wrestlers can work outside AEW!