A few bits and bobs to cover here


Apparently WWE have adopted (or re-announced) a zero tolerance approach to any sort of shenanigans from people associated with them, as part of the fallout from "Speaking Out"

Now some kind of 'incontrovertible evidence' - not criminal charges or conviction, note, this is the Court Of WWE - will see you (an 'independent contractor', remember) booted off

And they still are interested in Tessa Blanchard?

Sane is going - she apparently wanted back to Japan anyway, but a head injury caused by Nia Jax has seemingly brought that forward

The Big Show (I like him) returned... but why? Looks desperate, to be honest

Oh, and Vince keeps approving scripts last minute, causing production issues


Solid, but unspectacular. We know now that EC3 will return?

Maybe Rusev?


Fyter Fest #1 kicked off with some brilliant matches, can't wait for the second part!

Oh, and the dig from Taz was awesome