Short update to start 2022

The Baron sets out a few ideas for 2022, and how this page will change (hopefully) over the months to come

Well, the plan (isn't always the plan?) is that 2022 will see a bit more effort go into the posts on this site - I confess that they have been somewhat perfunctory for quite some time, so I will try and step up an make them rather more interesting/controversial/readable in future.

To start here, though, I'm just going to give a few observations:

1) The AEW match with Anna Jay and Tay Conti was great

2) AEW need to get that CM Punk/MJF payoff booked in soon, and stop teasing

3) AEW need to start putting Cody out of everyone's misery

4) Impact need a proper UK TV deal

5) WWE need to decide whether they are going to ever stop pretending that time stands still. We don't need MORE Lesnar and Reigns!

6) WWE need to stop stupid moves like releasing Mickie James to Impact, only to then bring her back for the Royal Rumble (probably to put someone else over... what an insult, but I can totally understand her going for the cash)

7) We need more British wrestling on TV - not just old PCW footage at 11pm on an obsure satellite channel

And that will do for starters