Here we go, eyes down look in


Well, we're on the way to Bound For Glory as a PPV, and there was some interesting action. Ken Shamrock and Sami Callaghan, EC3 still teasing Moose, Mad Man Fulton in action.

For me, though, the highlight was Rohit Raju and Jordynn Grace.

IMPACT/TNA has been strong with the women's action (e.g. having Tessa Blanchard hold the world title in a mixed match or two), and this not only continued that but also gave us the build to a scramble for the X Division championship, so there was a storyline AS WELL AS a match (even if the match was disappointingly short, it was still a mixed-match, which has to be good, yeah?)

Again, nothing spectacular from the brand, but very little to dislike (apart from some of the production values of the backstage storyline stuff, but I like to think of that as gritty ha ha)


Seth Rollins is now in favour again, by the looks of things. I wonder how long that will last?

Orton pins McIntyre - the shape of things to come? Or is it the same old story that come the PPV whatever happened on the network show gets reversed?

Only other point of note (there were a few, but WWE just stumbles around them, and it's impossible to say whether they actually build a story or not) was the continued build for Wyatt (Fiend) against Owens. A bizarre and confusing feud, but it could be a decent match.

It would be nice to see these two actually perform in-ring again, if nothing else.

Smackdown was more of the same: The New Day are still a thing, it seems, despite some singles action for Big E, Banks & Bayley is possibly the most interesting thing on there, The Fiend beats Owens... see RAW :-)


30 years in the business for Chris Jericho, capped with... a win.

It would have been more interesting to book him for a loss, but the match was very good, and he was pushed close, so they build for him to lose to go out with Fozzy (assume that is still the plan?) looks good

Cody beating Mr Brodie Lee was a disappointment, to be honest - it would have been (IMHO) stronger for Cody to take a beating and announce he was going into management. He's already ruled himself out of ever challenging for the World title again, so it's only a short step

FTR put on a decent show, but let's be frank, the showdown with Best Friends is what we're waiting for

Similarly, Orange Cassidy to take on Cody... dare we dream?

Team Taz need a stronger identity - getting there, but not there yet IMHO

The video segment from Moxley was superb. This is how TNA need to do it