Schedules have been affected - obviously - by the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic which is going on, so unsurprisingly there is little to report on.


Does anyone still care?

Mania has to be in doubt - given the US lockdowns, a date of 5th April looks mightily optimistic, unless they plan to play behind closed doors? But given that the aim to get eyeballs - and therefore subscribers to the network - how would a dead arena play on TV, probably not well. Certainly TNA's, shall we say more sparsely attended shows, were very muted affairs.

RAW was nostalgia city - Edge, Undertaker, Stone Cold ... a nothing show, to be honest, lots of "confront" and "challenge", not a lot of story building or action. Snore.

SDL showed that the idea of a 2-day Mania may not be so great in light of events, by virtue of having such thin material to cover so much, but hey! WWE are sticking with it. For better or worse, probably the latter. Lacey Evans being given a title shot at Mania? It had to come, didn't it?


Not a lot to say, other than - solid.

The women's matches again a highlight for me - strong characters, good action... what's not to like?


Two things here:

1) Brodie Lee as "The Exalted One" - YES! Maybe AEW can make better use of the former Luke Harper than WWE did. He was, let's be honest, a journeyman on WWE, despite having a strong ring presence, solid work and a history on the circuit. At least AEW have actually let the man SPEAK

2) Matt Hardy. Need I say more? Vanguard One gave the hint, then the pop when the Broken One appeared to taunt The Inner Circle!

Plus points too for Death Triangle - again, AEW using PAC far more effectively than WWE ever did or could, but minus points for Cody being boring. Again.