Build to Slammiversary - Was the Virtuosa going to take the title from Jordynne Grace?

If it were up to me - no. I thought they could build this one a bit longer yet, but obviously there was a quick pay-off planned, maybe there will be more title changes to come? The women's division is strong in Impact, so there could be some really good stuff to come from Kylie and so on. Thumbs up.

Callihan and Shamrock looked interesting, and obviously built for a short fuse, this one could go for a couple of months before the obvious fallout comes on the back of The North retaining the gold against them.

Strong storytelling, maybe some of the action was weaker this time around, but the next PPV obviously there is plenty more to come, especially with Young and EC3 back in the fold.

Props for giving Edwards a title, too - well deserved.


Fight for the Fallen highlights? There were a few:

Kenny Omega starting his heel turn.

Hikaru Shida promising something against Nyla Rose.

FTR looking to DOMINATE the tag team matches.

Jericho heading for a rematch against Orange Cassidy.

Taz throwing in the towel on behalf of Cage... great commentary from Jim Ross here, too. Smart stuff.


Please, make it stop.