Roundup, w/c 7th February 2022

A roundup of wrestling from the w/c 7th February 2022, from Silas B Grimsdyke and The Baron.


Josh Alexander continues to get a push - nice to see him progressing solo, to be honest, after all those years of quality work in The North - well deserved.

Chelsea Green beating Mickie James by DQ is a smart move to keep both wrestlers interesting, I think CG is the longer-term option, but MJ is great for putting her over with the fans (who are now, thankfully, returning).

Actually, on that point, I think that Impact possibly just nosed AEW for how they used the enforced absence of crowds, as they really had some fascinating angles around the reality house and so on, and used the time to build characters like Eric Young, which WWE failed signally to do.

In summary, good show - lots of build, let's hope they can

a) get strong payoffs, and

b) get decent UK TV coverage

Not necessarily in that order



That is all you need to know.

Apart from that, then - the Inner Circle look to implode (personally I think the Santana/Ortiz line of Jericho only caring about Jericho is fair, and was always going to be a good way to break up the IC), whilst you can just see Wardlow and MJF building to a bust-up.

Moxley and Punk as a tag team? OH MY WORD! My one reservation is that this has to be a one-time deal, you don't want to see this EVERY show, because it's too good for that.

Deeb continues to turn strongly heel, and the women wrestlers look VICIOUS. So much better than WWE's, which, despite "Evolution" (HAH!) really aren't getting, or giving, enough quality matches, for reasons we will come onto.

The Texas Death match was a bit lame, tbh - the resorting to these kind of gimmick matches has to be built to, and this one was sprung a bit early, I think, to give Page a defence of the title before a stronger challenge comes in. Archer did a good job, and it would be nice to see him get some reward for some big bumps here.


Seriously, this is just hours and hours of a perfect cure for insomnia.

Let's start with the women's division - or is it divisions, plural? Or are they here as a wildcard?

We really don't need to see Charlotte any more than we already do, and we don't need the feud with Rousey that will surely pay off at 'Mania to be trailed quite so heavy-handedly. WE KNOW IT'S COMING.

Unusual to see the Street Profits actually wrestling - remember that for the few months that they were on the roster they literally DID nothing (similar to when WWE signed EC3!).

Kevin Owens continued to read the cheque and love it, as quite frankly this card (RAW) could have been shown any time in the last 4 years and no-one would have been able to tell what date it was. Depressingly familiar.

Sami Zayn, likewise - "The Master Strategist"? Give. Me. A. Break.

Seriously dull.