Lockdown continues around the globe, but naturally some stuff still goes on:


Havok, Rascalz... plenty to like here.


Rey Mysterio in the HoF next year? Oh yes.

Nia Jax is still being given title shots, after all the botches she has made? Wow.

And Bobby Lashley feuding with McIntyre? Big question: WHY?

SDL wasn't much better, Cesaro is buried good and proper, losing to "Shorty G" (who came up with that, anyway? Sack them).


After the triumph of Double or Nothing (some really big spots here), AEW went back to Dynamite with a solid show.

Good to see the return or the Butcher and the Blade, and also to see Jimmy Havonc and Brian Cage in there - another couple of good names to add to the roster.

Tyson vs Jericho? Good build, let's hope it goes somewhere worthwhile.