A severely restricted set of events, as the SARS CoV 2 stuff carries on...

In fact, in the of the world pandemic, it seems a bit silly to be writing much here this week.


Baszler set up for a big match - as predicted.

Does anyone care about Edge and Randy Orton? This is 2020!

Why is Seth Rollins now "confronting" Kevin Owens? Are the writers even awake?

Could Smackdown be any more bereft of action? Although, to be fair, this is about the level that it's been at for months.

In other words - filler ready for Mania, which, if current events stay current, will be financial hell for WWE.


Solid show. Nothing special. Sabu? Really? Beyond that, and building for a mixed match with Taya/Tessa/Eddie/Michael, what do you want me to say?


Please can Cody move permanently into management only? The fact he isn't going to ever challenge for the title means that his victories are just hollow, IMHO.

Darby Allin? Yes.'Nuff said.

Brodie Lee? Yes. About time he was given the respect he was due.

Vanguard 1? Yes. Because it is Vanguard 1.

Matt Hardy? Yes. Just yes.