Another week flashes past:


Some good work here - Eric Young really playing the maniac part, Swann promising to return... EC3 getting into Moose's head, The North looking to get the tag title back. Good stuff


Lead story on WWE's website in Finn Balor as The Demon on NXT. I think that sums up RAW and Smackdown fairly well.

The return of Reigns doesn't seem to have ignited the place like WWE may have wished, and the only positives that you can really take are that this puts the women centre stage: Bliss/Sister Abigail and Bayley/Banks.

The jobbing Baron Corbin? Randy Orton? Are we supposed to be excited?

This is just so much padding that it runs the risk of being softer than anything Enzo Amore could ever have described.


An off-camera attack on Matt Hardy by Hager and Jericho (apparently) - setting up a six-man with Private Party? A great NWA women's match, and a PHENOMENAL car park fight between Santana & Ortiz and Best Friends.

This last match simply cannot be rated highly enough. More spots than a teenager drawing a leopard, and what a performance by all concerned.