Roundup, w/c 10th January 2022

A roundup from Silas and The Baron as to what has happened in the week commencing 10th January 2022 in AEW, TNA/Impact and WWE wrestling.

Here we go:


I've said it before, I'll say it again - these people are masters of making good use of a (relatively) small roster.

For example - yes, Black Taurus is a hokey gimmick, but my word the show is great, and you cannot fault the commitment.

Chris Bey is an absolute talent, and he can reallly work a feud and a match - and the stuff with Laredo Kid is class.

Ok, ok this week the action was a bit heavy on the backstage (Edwards, Alexander), but at least there is a POINT to it - because you get the big payoff matches (I'm thinking of the Sami/Eddie storyline which ran successfully for MONTHS)... are you watching, WWE Creative?

No, thought not...


Where to begin.... Lita? In 2022?

Sami Zayn is plainly reading the cheque and loving it (see also: Happy Corbin), because the way he is being handled here is shocking for someone of such talent. But 'twas it ever thus for him... obviously not liked by WWE as anything other than a stooge. What a waste.

Omos vs "local competitor"... with the roster that WWE has?

It's just embarrassing to see how short of ideas WWE seems to be - the pandemic of 20/21 and lack of live shows in front of crowds has really shown up how repetitive an unimaginative their storylines have been, as the reliance on Reigns/Rollins/Lesnar and a supporting cast of about 8 (and some old stagers like Roode and Ziggler... Jinder Mahal?!) has been painfully exposed, IMHO.

Is ANYONE genuinely excited for 'Mania?! I mean, the promo poster: Reigns, Charlotte, Big E, Belair, Lynch... I can watch them every week, why bother with the PPV?


By far the most to say here, particularly because AEW now has both Rampage AND Dynamite on mainstream UK TV.

A lot of action (some talking, which is always a bit... well, you need a strong storyline), for example the Hikaru Shida/Serena Deeb match which I have to admit I did NOT see coming, at all!

There is a bit of an issue coming up, for me, in that as the roster expands we start to see a few people dropping of the radar (Miro, wherefore art thou?) while others are used again and again (Adam Cole, take a bow).

The interesting crowd reaction to the mention of Cody ("Boo!") was a point of note, as was the tension between Hirsch and Statlander - that could be a good fizzer.

Nice to see Jay Lethal, hopefully they can rebalance the action/story on the shows to give him (and others) some decent ring-time, and at long last we are seeing MJF being exposed to having to do his own dirty work - this has to end soon, otherwise I think people (like me) will start getting frustrated at the all-tease-no-please way it's being handled.

As an aside, the Wardlow/Punk match was great - yes, the ending was a bit "Hurry up", but you cannot fault the professionalism of either protagonist here.

Surprise result for Matt Hardy, IMHO - but great to see the House of Black getting some momentum.

Finally, PAC - YES! Lance Archer - YES!