Another strong shown - pick for me was Jordynne. Really strong. But Perazzo for the title at Slammiversary?

Callihan AND Shamrock? Great stuff.


NXT appears to be the big thing at the moment.

Extreme Rules looks dull. Preview and predictions next week.


Fyter Fest concluded - three points of interest:

1) Nyla Rose promising to get a manager to build her higher - suggesting a "big name" is to join AEW

2) The wrong result from the Jericho/Cassidy match. A great match spoiled by the wrong outcome IMHO. That would have been far more interesting, and this result is, sadly, suggesting that Jericho is becoming AEW's Triple H  - "Book me to win" :-(

3) Brodie Lee/Colt Cabana - YES! More of this, please

FF overall, a very strong showing, part 1 probably a bit better than part 2.

Fight for the Fallen should be interesting.