Another interesting show this week - slightly muted in feel, and confused (what was going on with the Wrestle House transporting into the ring, exactly?), although high spots from Eric Young and Jordynne Grace.

A solid 7/10 from me.


Another strangely muted show, but we did start to see the fall of the Omega/Page axis, it seems. It's been a long build, but we are getting there.

Matt Hardy is now apparently in a best of three against Guevara, which is odd, as really it's the first time it's been mentioned, and being put through a table with "DELETED" painted on it last week looked to have capped it already. And now it's an "I quit" series?

The Dark Order are the new Inner Circle - by the way, Jake Hager is still not convincing, although his promo work is improved immeasurably from where it was - and look set to dominate when Le Champion takes his leave (surely for a Fozzy tour?).

Moxley-MJF? Surely a retain...



Another PPV in the books (results/prediction outcomes elsewhere on the site), and another week treading water.

Randy Orton "wins" a rematch against McIntyre, no doubt ready for a switch to reward The Viper for his patience with the company who have under-utilised him since the Wyatt Family storyline all those years ago.

Bayley and Banks implode on something other than a PPV? Missed opportunity there, surely?

Paul Heyman has moved from Lesnar to Reigns... given that Roman is already OK on the mic, seems redundant?

Mysterio Jr's push didn't last long, did it?