Again, a solid show, if a little unspectacular. Michael Elgin and Sammi C worked hard, and Jordynn Grace threatened to be champion for quite some time.

Inevitably more backstage than in-ring, and for me at least the Susie match was a bit underwhelming considering the talent in the ring, but you should know by now that I like IMPACT, and so it still gets one thumb up from me.


Matt Hardy switched between characters, more as padding that to any real dramatic effect, other than when addressing Guevara, really.

Cody, sadly, continued his TNT reign when really he could have safely dropped the belt, maybe on a slightly screwy finish to protect him, to Quen.

Cabana looks set to join the Dark Order, which should give it some renewed impetus seeing as it looks like the plan is for Hardy to get to Guevara and start to seed dissent in the Inner Circle.

FTR made an impressive showing against The Butcher and The Blade (two GREAT teams, BTW), while AEW continue to build Darby Allin - and rightly so - with some backstage film.

Moxley and Cage had a run-in ahead of the big PPV coming up, which looks promising, and Ford & Nyla went over a returning Stadtlander and Shida.

Fair enough, Shida is still singles champion, and Stadtlander is going to be big when they finally really let her go.

Oh, and BTW the big spot from Nyla Rose was stunning!

And still to come are Sonny Kiss and Janela. This is just getting better all the time.


As usual, very little of note, given the impending PPV that is Backlash 2020, with that Hostage-To-Fortune match.

Kevin Owens appears to be disappearing even further into the "jobber" file, in a futile match with Andrade and Garza for seemingly no other reason than he was available.

What happened to his feud with... was it Rollins? Can't remember now

Asuka won with Charlotte, and then lost to Charlotte - because Charlotte pretty much always wins in 1-1 matches, doesn't she?

Another "why?" match, really.

The New Day actually LOST to the rather makeshift partnership of Cesaro and Nakamura (WWE only really do makeshift with both these guys, though, don't they?), which probably means another 20 year unbeaten run to come for the Booty-O kings

Strowman teamed with Heavy Machinery for a bit of filler action, and AJ beat Daniel Bryan for the IC title.

Very thin on action, but even before lockdown that was true of many WWE shows

You know, the one with Edge and Randy Orton hopping into a time machine to go back 10 years, for no apparent reason?

"The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever"?

We shall see