Here we go with a round-up...


Oh dear. Where to begin.

Drew McIntyre booked strong, although defeating Mojo Rawley (title or no) doesn't add a much kudos, it does add some.

Randy Orton was just - there, Eric Young appeared to show he still had a contract and to ease Aleister Black back into some action, KO was bizarrely teamed with the Viking Raiders to be rolled over by AOP, Asuka was at least given a victory and a call for a title shot, and Ricochet is going to face Lesnar at the next PPV.

Yes, Ricochet vs Lesnar.

Smackdown didn't really up the ante much, either.

The Usos did their job (as did Roode and Ziggler, to be fair), while Cesaro sank a little deeper into the burial that WWE seem intent on giving him by going down to Elias. I suppose it's so novel for Elias to actually have a match, maybe Cesaro was stunned into losing this one?

Goldberg returned to call out "The Fiend", as the website puts it. Oh dear. If Goldberg gets this one, then all that build has been for NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. ZILCH. ZERO. NOWT.

Do I need to say more?

Carmella and Bayley appears to be the main women's feud here, for no other reason than Carmella needs something to do and Bayley needs the same. Yawn.

Five out of ten for each, although this is being very generous.

WWE seriously need to look at their balance between writing, action and last-minute changes, because something here just isn't working, is it?

(The WWE Network subscriber figures of less than a million suggest we are on the right track with this opinion?)


Another show South of the border, so lots of masked action :-)

Some blood, some quite intense backstage action, some No Contests, again Impact seemed to be in "simmer" mode without really boiling over.

The Rosemary segment was great - unsurprisingly, in this writer's opinion - while the staging for some payoffs continued, like the Taurus/Rhino line.

Six out of ten. They can do - and have done - better.


Again, AEW showed strong tag-team action, with the singles perhaps a little lighter. The PAC showdown was interesting, but the Nyla Rose appearance suggests a double-heel championship battle to come?

The Hangman Page story FINALLY accepted the obvious drink problem angle, but the appearance of the pitcher of beer just made it a bit lame. Better to play it with a straight face, maybe?

SCU impressed again, The Dark Order continues to build (although they really need to suggest an end game soon), and some fan favourites like Orange Cassidy got some screen time.

The MJF/Cody lashes was a weird ending to the show - very low key, rather than the usual big spot. Please don't do it again, eh, AEW?

Maybe they could give Moxley some time off, though, as his Inner Circle feuds need to be given time to breathe before he meets Jericho at the PPV.

Six out of ten this week, good but a bit lacking polish. And a point off for the fizzle rather than sizzle at the end.