How good is the women's division here? No, seriously, how good is the women's division here?

A couple of corking moments, Su Yung ruling it... what is there not to love?

As if everything else wasn't enough, we have Taya Valkyrie and Tessa Blanchard battling for the championship. Not the women's championship - THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

Now, find that on ANY other promotion. Go on, find it.

Look, I say this week in, week out... give Impact a shot, you will rarely be disappointed.


The big news has to be the signing (apparently) of Matt Hardy: "Bucks of Youth, I knew you would come".

Let's hope Matt gets to continue the Broken line - maybe as "The Exalted One"?!

Dynamite followed on a strong PPV, although the Jericho/Moxley build was perhaps a bit overblown and dragged out.

Big Swole's match ended in strangely muted fashion, while Jake The Snake Roberts basically told Cody to shut up. About time, too.


Please, wake me when it's over.

RAW - we now have Randy Orton RKO'ing Beth Phoenix, for some reason. We have Styles, Gallows and Anderson treading water, and we have Ricochet losing to someone or other who holds the 2/7 belt currently.

SDL - Naomi & Lacey get a victory, ready for Mania? Probably not, just something for interest.

And the hottest storyline here is a non-wrestling story. Says it all.