Round-up, w/c 28th June 2021

Silas and The Baron cast their beady eyes over the last week in the big wrestling promotions.


Omega, Callis, Anderson & Gallows is wearing thin. Please take the title off Kenny, even if you wait until Slammiversary to do it.

Good to have Ellering win, always postive - Dashwood & Kaleb work well, but the broader the base, the higher you can build.


Is McIntyre cold or hot? I wish they would decide.

Asuka & Naomi really shouldn't be beaten so cheaply, and Elias is plainly just cannonfodder for whoever they decide to stick in the ring against him.

SD didn't fare much better, content wise....

I can't be bothered with writing about WWE any more, it's just so lame. :-(


Only really two bits of note for me - one, a great match with Nyla Rose and Britt Baker DMD, which sets up a nice little feud going forward, and an even better main event between MJF and Sammy Guevara.

There were some other good segments (Penta & Kingston going over the Bucks of Youth, for example), but the upshot is that really this was an appetiser for the Road Rager (I think that what it's called?).