Round-up, w/c 25th January 2021

Silas and The Baron review the wrestling from w/c 25th January 2021


Ok, a lot to get through here.

Headlines? Well, the Young Bucks and Good Brothers teamed up, but you can already see the tensions building around Don Callis.

Britt Baker performed really well against a strong showing from Shanna - the result was fair, but expect to see more of Shanna in the future, it would be nice to maybe put her in a tag team and see how she gets on. Maybe with Thunder Rosa?

Lance Archer narrowly lost out to Eddie Kingston, and then we had the spectacle - yes, spectacle - of Sammy Guevara taking none of MJF's story on board... the cracks are widening, and the tag team tournament promises so much as a result.

Red Velvet? More, please. And more Death Triangle!

As anticipated FTW didn't take well to the victory by Jungle Boy.

Good to see Moxley showing his power against Omega - winning the title back soon? Here's hoping.

Overall, a really strong show (again), with no weaknesses for me (or at least none big enough to hole the show below the waterline).


Again, this was nice... just nothing to dislike here.

Matt Hardy toned it down a bit, and it was so much stronger to see Private Party crossing over - the previous appearances had been a bit overplayed for me, which distracted from just how good the crossover with AEW was/is.

Cardona & Alexander were strong, and as always the women's action was superb. Tenille Dashwood gave a great performance before losing out to Rosemary, and is Deonna Purazzo expecting?!

Closer match "IMPACT World Champion Rich Swann, Tommy Dreamer, Willie Mack & Trey Miguel def Moose, Sami Callihan, Ken Shamrock & Chris Bey" was superb - how could it not be with this much talent in the ring? (Dreamer really does put others over well, and Moose is FORCE).


Orton/Bliss? Not the most obvious of storylines, I'll give the WWE that - but totally bizarre, unless you play back to Orton turning on the Wyatt family all those years ago? But then why Bliss....?

Sheamus went through the motions, and AJ Styles for some reason faced R-Truth in a non-title match... filler ready for the Rumble?

No contest for Flair/Baszler AND for Bliss/Asuka? Protecting all of them and making sure all are legit contenders for the Rumble?

Over on SDL, we had the bizarre, as the WWE website puts it:

"the “Quarterly Brand-to-Brand Invitational" that gives a Superstar the right to visit the opposing brand."

WHAT? Given that AJ, Charlotte, Reigns, Cesaro, Morrison et al have been freely crossing between shows for MONTHS this has to be the worst plot device, ever.

Lots of DQs, too - to keep us guessing for the Rumble?

As before - YAWN!