Round-up, w/c 12th July 2021

Silas and The Baron look through the week's action on AEW, WWE and TNA/Impact and pick out some notable moments and matches.


Without a UK TV deal it takes dedication to watch this (it's taken dedication in the past, too, but for entirely different reasons!).

Lowlight? Surprising, the Good Brothers taking the tag title (see comments on AEW, below)

Highlight - Thunder Rosa and Sabin winning, along with Josh Alexander - strong!



Does ANYONE care?


I only watched Fyter Fest (?) pt.1 this morning, so still fairly fresh in my mind.

If I was going to pick a low-light, Guevara's match was always going to be a Guevara win, but a solid performance nonetheless.

Moxley was, as usual, excellent, as was Kingston - the Omega/Callis schtick is wearing REALLY thin with me.

Matt Hardy and Christian Cage put on a very good show, but my pick was the Baker/Rose segment - good build for what will hopefully be a strong match next week.