Round-up w/c 10th May 2021

Silas and The Baron do their best to stay awake for a SLOOOOW news week in wrestling.

To be honest, not a lot to report.

The AEW Inner Circle/Pinnacle feud continues (as expected), with a rematch to come. Miro beat Allin to become US Champion, which hopefully will give him a run that WWE always denied, which should be good.

Oh, and Omega has to face PAC and Cassidy in a triple threat, didn't see that coming, did we? :-)

WWE - do I really have to even think about WWE? Especially with "WrestleMania Backlash" to talk about...

TNA/Impact appear to have lost their UK TV deal, so they are in an even worse position than WWE, who jumped from Sky to BT Sports so that the 3 subscribers over there can watch. Or you watch on the website, which appears to have a plaintive "Donate"... sorry, "SUPPORT" button on it... oh, how the mighty are fallen!