Here we go, another week of lockdown, although not that WWE recognise it.


I really must stop calling it TNA.

The website for Impact is also really unresponsive, so no specific update here as I've not had chance to catch up with the shows yet - if there were any. I saw one channel showing a 2008 show this weekend, which was probably preferable to the current stuff given the lockdown and all.

UPDATE - checked the results. Nothing to report.


WWE released a shedload of stars this week - Gallows & Anderson among them. A few days later, of course, WWE announce massive shareholder bonuses, but how long can this go on?
VKM appears to be cashing in like there is NO lockdown, but in reality surely WWE need to get over the "crush the other promotions out of existence" mentality?

AEW appear to be stronger because they are actually involving the wrestlers (the Elite, at least) at the top. Now, maybe the DO want to be the ONLY promotion, but perhaps they have worked out that they can't do EVERYTHING, so do one thing (be AEW) and do it well, rather than trying to beat down every indie, NJPW, RoH and so on... just be good at what YOU do and let the other do what they do.

RAW had the usual filler, with Drew McIntyre's star already fading (is it? Is Rollins in favour again?) by the looks of things, and Nia Jax back in favour (maybe) with a progression in the tournament side of things.

SDL saw Dana Brooke finally get some payback for her loyalty to the cause, Cesaro lose out to Daniel B and not a lot else, really.

OK, but nothing special.


Big story here was the retention of the title by Moxley, breaking Hager's unbroken tag. The other matches were by and large a bit ho-hum, although credit to Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy for some strong work.

The Sammy Guevara match was a squash, largely, but Sugar Dunkerton put on a really good show, hopefully AEW will book him again.