Here we go with a roundup of the biggest stuff:


Again, bubbling under with Tessa Blanchard booked strong, and with a really strong roster putting in good performances week in, week out.

Highlight? Jordynne Grace. Again, a promotion doing the women's division WELL (are you watching, WWE?)


The tag team Royal Rumble just started looking messy, and the booking of Ortiz and Santana is really starting to get stale, to be honest. Having said that, the payoff against Omega and Page should be good.

Nyla Rose was strong, Statlander looked good... the women's matches really are booked well here.

Moxley vs Cobb was well played, although the beatdown at the end was a bit lame, only really enlivened by the appearance of Allin to start up a feud which should build nicely.

Cody is getting a bit samey, IMHO, especially as he can't challenge for a title, it really seems he is there to build others. MJF next? Dare they have MJF go over Cody ready for a Mox MJF title feud?!


Oh dear.

Smackdown really can't decide what it wants to do, can it? Braun Strowman & Elias now? Let's face it, if they were going to put a belt on Braun they should have done it two years ago.

Positive point in Naomi getting a title shot, but whether she will be given the gold again really is questionable.

Goldberg against The Fiend? What is the point of that, then? Seriously?

And the fact there were only FOUR matches on SD this week shows just how thin the crop is growing here lately.


RAW wasn't much better. And when I say "much", I really mean "any".

Orton attacking Matt Hardy? Yawn.

KO now with the Viking Raiders? Who dreamt that one up?

There just is no shape to either of the WWE brands at the moment, is there? It's just matches for the sake of matches, with no real sense of plan or purpose.