Holding pattern, as ever, ahead of Mania.

Lots of talk, the bizarre Owens/Rollins feud including the rather boring Street Profits, and dire storytelling.

Let's hope Mania is good, eh?


Strangely muted, for me, with not the same edge as they've had for a while. Understandable, given the current conditions.

Solid, as ever, but not really my thing this week.


Continuing in an empty arena, the only REAL story is the return of Vanguard 1, Matt Hardy and the baiting of Chris Jericho.

Lots of debuts, as plainly there are issues travelling to the shows and getting into the place to wrestle, but still quality (albeit with far too much Cody, as ever).

Personally, I'm not interested in The Elite or The Inner Circle, I just want Matt Hardy showing his creative brilliance week in, week out. DAMASCUS!