We'll leave the abomination of "Super Showdown" for a separate article, but suffice to say that it wasn't pretty at all on WWE this week.

RAW was treading more water than a duck, as any week where someone is referred to as "confronting" someone else on the website will attest. KO and Orton? Why? No real point to the feud, other than to get some airtime for Orton?

Luke Gallows did his job, Erick Rowan likewise... just nothing to set the pulse racing, really.

SDL was equally lacklustre, leaving aside the "Super Showdown" fallout for a separate article (again).

Lacey Evans got a victory, so maybe she is coming back into some favour again, assuming that is that it wasn't just a thank-you to Naomi for taking part in a match in Saudi.

Usos win against Miz and Morrison, Strowman signed for a 4-way (or is it 3-way if Zayn supports Nakamura?), and everyone at WWE hopes that the promise of Cena at WrestleMania might just get some subscribers to the network.


First off, a big hurrah for a seriously well-designed website. Looks so much better than it did previously, really does.

Women's action appears to continue to be the order of the day here, with Taya Valkyrie and Tessa Blanchard pushed front and centre.

Eddie Edwards and Rohit Raju probably the pick of the men's wrestling for this writer, but, again, a solid week of action. Not quite total non-stop action, but solid.


Again, AEW showed a lot of tag team action, and the rather anticipated beatdown at the weight-in for Moxley vs Jericho for the title.

A teaser from the Dark Order referencing being rendered "Obsolete"?

Please... could it be the return of the Broken One?