RAW - what can you say? I'm a fan of Big Show, but bringing him in here just looks like a lack of any decent ideas as to how to manage the current situation. Is Drew honestly going to drop the title to him?

Seth Rollins played out a squash match, Apollo Crews phoned in a performance (doesn't he always?)...


SDL wasn't any better, Braun Strowman clearly isn't a long-term solution/title holder (if he was they would have stuck a belt on him two years ago), so the Wyatt/Fiend story can SURELY only go one way?


Lacklustre, I'm afraid.

The Kylie Ray segment was a bit odd, and strangely muted, but to be fair the whole scene is at the moment.

Honourable mention to oVe for great work, as always, but I'm afraid there was nothing here to write home about for me.


Lowlight? Cody winning. Please, he can't ever get to challenge for the title, so there is really little point in his active career continuing

On the upside, the Brit Baker match was excellent - some really good moves, and blood, too!

One high point has to be mentioned, though - Demascus Matt Hardy, challenging Chris Jericho to a match at the Hardy Compound. Please let the dilapidated boat make a return!