News roundup, w/c 3rd May 2021

The Baron and Silas take a look at what has and hasn't been happening in the major wrestling promotions


Chris Sabin - great talent, good to see a victory for him.

Other than that, not a lot :-(


Given we have "Backlash", sorry this year it's "WrestleMania Backlash" coming, yet again the WWE did nothing interesting.

"The Smackdown Saviour"?! Carmella beating Ruby Riott? King Corbin winning a tag team match?

RAW featured Strowman getting buried even deeper, Charlotte getting ANOTHER title shot... I'm bored.


So, it was "Blood and Guts".

Let's cut to the chase here: the big confrontation between The Pinnacle and The Inner Circle wasn't bad. Not great, but not bad.

Wardlow, I think, was impressive (not impressed by Hager, personally), Santana & Ortiz are excellent, and MJF plays his character brilliantly... the ending closed the circle nicely ("Thank you", from MJF to Jericho, as promised), but the painfully obvious big spot off the cage, with a barely disguised crashmat, didn't quite have a Shane McMahon "oooh" factor.

Other than that, solid yet again - Omega is playing his obnoxious part, Moxley & Kingston look a great pairing, and Baker just gets better every time she appears.