News roundup, w/c 3rd August 2020

The Baron and Silas review the week's wrestling happenings, and find the good and the bad (and the downright poor)


Nothing to report. WWE is dull. Duller than it has been for years. And that is saying something.


Rich Swann retires to promptly be attacked by Eric Young - what a great storyline! This hopefully sets EY up for a strong run in Impact, as he was so criminally underutilised in WWE.

Edwards against Callihan should have been a dream match, but in the end was just very good. Hopefully we can have occasional rematches (not the endless rematch clauses of WWE, please!)


The Debate between Jericho and Orange Cassidy was as obvious as hell, but having said that it was no less entertaining - and showed that OC is no slouch on the mic.

The tag team action was the primary focus, and there was some good stuff, but nothing really memorable IMHO. Bonus points for a Dark Order victory over the Elite, though!

The Matthew Hardy (eh?) segment just fizzled out to cut to a Best Friends piece for no apparent reason, and Britt Baker really needs to start getting more airtime/ringtime or people will forget what a good wrestler she really is, but hopefully she can show that against Big Swole fairly soon. Should be a good match.

The last match between Moxley and Allin was excellent, though, and Allin really showed that he has so much to offer. And the segment closing with MJF sets up a payoff for the future, too!