News roundup, w/c 31st January 2022

The Baron and Silas don't have very much good to say about WWE this week, but AEW gets some positive vibes. Impact... Hmm.


Disappointing for me this week, to be honest, and it's a long time since I said that about Impact.

Too many titles, too many rapid title changes (Jordynne Grace losing the Social Media title, for example)...

But on the upside, we have Mickie James back, and threatening a title run of her own, and the Good Brothers and VBD appearing together.


I'm going to pick out two things from Dynamite here:

First, the match between MJF and CM Punk - what an epic! As I was watching it, I kept thinking two things:

1) This is awesome - the twists, the turns, the moves, the storytelling (no WAY was Punk's left arm and leg that bad!)

2) WWE could never have Lesnar in match this long - he'd be so purple people would think he was something Prince had left in his will

Second, the potential for a Moxley/Danielson axis - ooh, now, pit that against Andrade and Hardy (surely they are going to get Darby Allin to join them eventually?), and you could have a really, really strong factional basis for so many storylines - the Inner Circle breaking up then reforming, the Pinnacle, Best Friends, Dark Order...

And the beauty, compared to how WWE have played it (over an over) in the past, is that you can play different dynamics between different individuals, teams and factions, and STILL have the action make sense!

(Unlike, for example, some of the meaningless feuds WWE have put Zayn and Owens through against all comers, and don't get me started on Braun Strowman, Elias and Bo Dallas...)

Finally (yes, I know I said two, but here's a bonus), even Brandi managed to deliver a great dig at Ethan Page re: Josh Alexander!


Goldberg?! And we're supposed to be excited by the prospect of Goldberg against Reigns?

How many times have we seen this storyline in the last few years? Too many. Goldberg comes in, does his stuff, wins, then loses at a Mania match... you know it, I know it... everybody knows it.


Jimmy Uso against Erik as a completely pointless filler bearing in mind we are supposed to have a tag match of Usos vs Vikings shortly.

Jinder Mahal...?! What was the point of the match against Nakamura? Seriously?

Oh, now we're going to get Rousey against Charlotte at WrestleMania - like we didn't see it coming from even before the Rumble, this is (like Reigns vs Goldberg) just the same old match again, and again, and again... and putting it on at Mania is futile, when we see it so many times on SD anyway (or on RAW, if they are "wildcards" ;-) )

And as if to prove my point re: recycling and wasting talent... Owens against Austin Theory, another filler to try and drum up for Elimination Chamber - yes, another PPV only a couple of weeks after the last one - which will also "feature" Lesnar, who they seem to have persuaded to have more matches to justify his salary this time around.

Miz vs Dominik, Becky Lynch being faced down by Lita...