Another solid show (regular programming) - if anything, the disappointment was that in some ways the strongest matches were blown before the PPV: Like Callihan/Edwards (with Shamrock getting in there), and the Havok match, for example

I won't talk about the Bound For Glory results, suffice to say that the Eric Young result is a stunner, EC3/Moose is a match that has had a class build to it, and as for Su Yung.... :-O

Excellent storytelling and execution, well done Impact!


Does anyone actually care about Uso/Reigns? I mean, really care? I thought not

One positive - the pathetic "Shorty G" character/name appears to have gone.

One thing that is glaringly obvious - WWE still don't know what they want to do with Braun Strowman. Having built him as The Monster Among Men, the Behemoth etc... we are tired of his "invincibility". Snore... (again)


Disappointing under-utilisation of Sonny Kiss, which cast a bit of a shadow over some of the show for me - he (although Jim Ross appears confused on this point) deserves far more ring (and air) time than he was afforded here against Kenny Omega

Fenix vs Penta - WOW! Great match

Page vs Cabana - good match, would have been better if they had played the long game and put Cabana over Page to send the Hangman to a dark place to pull himself from. Undecided on this one

Wardlow - impressive. Very impressive. Get him moved up from Dark, pronto!

All in all... 7/10. Moxley and Kingston simmering nicely :-)