Silas and The Baron give you all the news they talked about this week


Rumours of financial struggles... oh, come on, people! Of course Tony K isn't going to mindlessly throw money at AEW, but look at it compared to WWE: WWE has a network to support, and a whole bunch of backroom people.

I don't think AEW has been stupid about this at all.

Actionwise, Orange Cassidy took a bump and bled, and Best Friends look good for the tag titles... and FTR look strong, too.


More names cut from WWE, particularly NXT UK, in the wake of the speaking out things that have been happening.

There will no doubt be more to follow.

COVID tests are underway, and are showing just how much media management WWE attempt.


Big news here, Tessa Blanchard is gone, vacating the world title she held. Hard to believe she is only in her early 20's, she has been around so long and comes from such a dynasty, but this causes some real issues and rewrites for Slammiversary

It's hard to see her finding another major port to dock in, either, given her alleged issues, and the straw that apparently broke the camel's back was failing to send in promo videos for Slammiversary (not just on time, but at all) - what else was she doing on Lockdown?

Other names appear to have been cut from the roster, too, as the fallout from the (long overdue) speaking out, and I'm sure more will follow.

Pick of the matches? Deonna, for me.