News round-up, w/c 21st June 2021

The Baron and Silas cast their beady eyes over the week's wrestling news, and talk it through.

Let's give you a brief rundown:


The lack of a TV deal for the UK makes it a bit more of a chore to keep up, but to my eyes this promotion is still plugging away with strong content.

The Callihan battle with Omega should be good, let's hope it is.

As ever, the women's division remains one of the strongest assets, and having Purrazzo, Jazz, Grace and Ellering there (never mind Susan) makes for some serious depth, too.

Never sets the world on fire, but great entertainment in my book.


Oh dear, the quality of AEW seems (to me) have dropped of late, and we are getting far too much of the Inner Circle's bro-dom, and of Kenny Omega becoming more and more of an ego balloon ripe for popping.

The MMA battle between Wardlow and Hager was awful. Truly awful.

I don't like MMA, but if I did I wouldn't tune into All Elite WRESTLING to watch it.



Oh dear, more wrestlers released, and more musical chairs.

Doudrop - who came up with that? I suppose you can't have Viper, because of Orton, but surely Piper Niven would be fine as a ring-name? Stupid.

Nice to see Ricochet and Nikki Cross get some decent airtime, although no doubt Vince will cool on them faster than an ice cube in the Sahara, but let's enjoy it while it lasts.

Smackdown had the "spectacle" of Edge beating up Reigns, so you just KNOW that Roman is going to come back invincible.