Here I've quoted the post which had the predictions in, and put the result in italics, like this

Quite possibly the most futile MITB in many a long year (and that is saying something), but let's have a guess at who we think will triumph:

Men's Money in the Bank Ladder Match

A makeshift line-up, for obvious reasons...

Silas: Aleister Black or Otis... Otis is over - hard to measure with no audience, but the web suggests Otis is very over, so I'm torn... Otis has said in an article that he'll cash in for the tag title if he wins. That could be a good twist, so I'm going to call Otis for this to be the cash-in surprise later in the year. Mandy Rose to distract so Aleister Black can be pinned for the win. Otis, yes

The Baron: I'd like to see Aleister Black win this one, but I wonder if Mysterio will get the nod on his way to the Hall of Fame? Nah... I'll say Aleister Black

Result: OTIS! 1-0

Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match

How many performers will Nia Jax injure? If it wasn't for her family connections, surely she would have been shown the door long ago?

Silas: Slow burn for Lacey Evans... initially seemed to have been pushed too far, too fast, but you can see an argument for her. But having said that, a Baszler win sets it up for a Lynch match later

The Baron: I'm going to say Dana Brooke or Carmella, just to be different. I'd like Asuka to have a shot here, but Dana... just to try and add interest

Result: Asuka! 1-0

Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt - Universal Championship Match

It took years for WWE to finally stick a belt on The Monster Among Men, and then to build Wyatt back through Firefly Funhouse (only to take the first opportunity to bury him).

Let's face facts: Strowman is the kind of wrestler Vince likes: big and not very vocal, where Wyatt actually can play a character with some conviction.

If Wyatt goes down here he should be calling AEW double-quick.

Silas: I'm going to say - Wyatt cannot lose. Could be a screwy finish, but Wyatt CANNOT lose

The Baron: Wyatt. Strowman retaining would just be terrible

Result: Strowman. 1-0. We now both sob, uncontrollably

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins

After such a dreadful paint-by-numbers build, here we go with the opportunity for Rollins to take the title back, ending Drew's reign in low-key fashion

Silas: McIntyre. Nonsense to put it back on Rollins

The Baron: Rollins. I can't see them keeping faith with Drew, for some reason

Result: Drew. 2-0

SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley vs. Tamina

Interesting. Obviously Tamina is partly here because she is available, so maybe it would add some interest if she won the title from Bayley, to build some tension rather than just handing the belt to Charlotte, like WWE always does?

Silas: Bayley. No question

The Baron: Tamina. I think, as per the Men's division, just to add interest

Result: Bayley. 3-0

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match

WOW! Makeshift times ten million here! Miz and Morrison? Really?

Silas: I'd like Miz & Morrison... big fan of both. Surely Morrison has come back to be champion? Yes, M&M for me

The Baron: New Day, because ... it's the New Day. Other titles will move, this one won't

Result: New Day. 3-1.

Silas is the psychic!