He has returned

CM Punk finally arrives in AEW to a massive pop from the crowd, and promises a mouth-watering match against Darby Allin. Also, Paul Wight is active again!

There is only really one wrestling story this week (well maybe there are more, but more anon):


Everyone knew it was coming, it was such a badly kept "secret", but the pop that the crowd gave in Chicago... PHEW!

Punk's piece on the mic was phenomenal, too - came across as unscripted (largely), and included a swipe at WWE and a teaser that this is a long-term contract, not a Goldberg/Lesnar as-and-when-it-suits type of situation.

And then the prospect of a match against Darby Allin  to start it all off at a PPV?


Oh, and if that wasn't enough:

Paul Wight returned to the active roster, and Chris Jericho handed the baton to MJF, which no-one in the crowd seemed to be expecting at all.