Here are our predictions, three hours before the WWE PPV event starts:

Edge vs. Randy Orton.

Billing a match as "The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever" is either supreme confidence or supreme hubris. In WWE's case, I know which I favour.

Let's be honest, neither of these chaps is in their prime, and the rationale for having this match AT ALL is sketchy at best, especially at the time distance it is since Edge left WWE.

Are WWE already getting cold feet about the billing, as the website now says "Edge and Randy Orton reignite rivalry hoping to author The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever"... my italics on "hoping" there, by the way?

Let's see how it pans out, but to be honest I am not expecting a classic. I wonder what Dave Meltzer will make of it?

Silas: Match has already been recorded? Rumoured to be good to great, but could be edited before broadcast? Surely it has to be Edge

The Baron: Do I have to choose? Orton, a quick payday for Edge and then goodnight, Vienna would be the obvious thought, but I reckon it will go the other way, and (injuries and accidents aside) we will see Edge win to give a few weeks of feuding before the inevitable "I quit" match or other gimmick which Orton will, er, edge over Edge

RESULT: Well, possibly NOT the greatest ever, but apparently not the worst either. But as it was pre-recorded and edited, why would it be?

EDGE loses to ORTON, so looks like the feud will be made to limp on for some time for another couple of PPV cycles?

0-0 (although The Baron came close)

Injury issues with Edge means this could be a huge white elephant

Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley – WWE Championship Match

Lashley in a title tilt? The man who simply cannot live up to the image?

Again, it doesn't look like it will be a classic?

Silas: McIntyre

The Baron: McIntyre to retain. Too many downsides to Lashley to make him champion, like his chronic lack of charisma on the mic

RESULT: McIntyre 1-1

Braun Strowman vs. The Miz & John Morrison – Universal Championship Handicap Match

And still they try to find something meaningful for Strowman, when his ship sailed two years ago! Not content with throwing him in with Heavy Machinery, he now has to go with a handicap match

Silas: Strowman the hottest favourite ever - betting at 25/1 ON, while M&M are 9/1. Nailed on, surely

The Baron: Strowman, for no other reason than they have to do something with him, and Miz is always convenient cannon-fodder

RESULT: Strowman, 2-2

Asuka vs. Nia Jax – Raw Women’s Championship Match

Will there an injury? Always a risk

Silas: Has to be Asuka. Nia Jax is just a liability

The Baron: Asuka to retain. Nia Jax? Liability

RESULT: Double count-out. REALLY?! 2-2

Jeff Hardy vs. Sheamus

What a shame these two are reduced to this. Does this match scream "FILLER", or what?

Silas: Two people at a loose end, and sadly that means such a going-nowhere match. Nothing invested in this one... Jeff... but WWE probably want Sheamus to bury Jeff before he goes(inevitably) to AEW. Seamus

The Baron: Sheamus. I believe Jeff has a new contract(?), but given his injury issues, he (or WWE) may be looking for medical release to join his brother in AEW?

RESULT: Sheamus 3-3

Bayley & Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The IIconics – Women’s Tag Team Title Triple Threat Match

Maybe the strongest booking on the card, on paper this one stands head and shoulders clear of the others

Silas: Not Bliss & Cross, they won't regain in a triple threat. Too early for B&B to lose, it's all about the fallout between them to come, ready for a 1-1 match between them at Mania next year? B&B to retain, but pushed close and we see a split between Bliss and Cross

The Baron: PLEASE LET THE IICONICS WIN. I suspect B&B to retain, but would really like the Iiconics to win. So, I'm saying: IICONICS

RESULT: B&B retain. 4-4

Apollo Crews vs. Andrade – United States Championship Match

Apollo Crews getting a push...

Silas: Andrade the better wrester, Crews now getting recognition, and is hot favourite with the bookies... Crews

The Baron: Andrade. Apollo Crews isn't there for the gold, he's there because why not? Yep, Andrade for this one

RESULT: Apollo Crews. 4-4

RAW Tag-Team championship match: Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders

Vince does like his big men...

Silas: Viking Raiders

The Baron: Viking Raiders

RESULT: No real result

OVERALL: 4-4, an honourable draw